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Players in the episode and short description
DSL/Cable Dialup56k
Christmas Newsletter 2003     Terry and Betty;   2003 in review
South American Adventure     Terry and James;  Our joint adventure.. cruise from Valparaiso, Chile around the Horn, to the Faulklands, ending in Buenos Aries, Argentina
Alaskan Adventure 2003       Dialup/56k version     Terry, Betty, James;  kayaking, hiking on Kodiak and general tour.. Homer, Whittaker, Denali
Vermont Adventure 2003     Terry, Betty, Steve, Kym, Heidi .. RV trip and summer camping in Vermont
Alabama Hillabee Outback 16sec   family.. James old place in Oxford, Al  Thanksgiving 2003
James 40th birthday-Florida 2003     family
Our Home in Fla     tour of our home on Lake Osborne in Lakeworth, Fla