Happy Christ's Birthday 2003

Terry & Betty Kennedy
1902 Lake Osborne Dr
Lake Worth, FL 33461
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This is a great time for us as we celebrate our Savior's birth and our greatest year ever!  All is well in the Kennedy clan ... and the greatest news of all is             Jesus is Lord... today and forever! 

From Penguins to Porpoises, Puffins and Periwinkles......
From 58 degrees south to 58 degrees north......
From the Antarctic to the Arctic.............. 
....with Vermont, Alabama and Florida in-between.
Terry wanted to do something special for his 70th birthday so he and James took a cruise around  the southern tip of the world... from Valparaiso, Chile to  Buenos Aires, Argentina ... around the infamous Horn... experiencing the excitement of the early explorers as they sailed the Beagle Channel, the Straits of Magellan  and the rugged Chilean Fjords.  A day on horseback in the mountains of Tierra del Fuego and side trips  in the Patagonian wilds of Chile and Argentina  as well as the Falkland Islands rounded out the adventure.  You can visit their website to take the tour with them  http://www.wedidit.org
Betty and Terry headed north  to the Arctic to spend some time with James who did a short term as a Physical Therapist on Kodiak Island  in the  Gulf of Alaska.   Glaciers, whales, puffins and periwinkles, eagles, a week on  the  ferry Tustumena... guests of the Alaskan  Marine Highways ... stranded  in Homer with a broken elevator.. added  to the great atmosphere of adventure we were experiencing.  Take a look at http://www.wedidit.org/alaska2003/
Kayaking open ocean, camping on abandoned islands, flying to native villages, watching eagles and other wildlife,   .... definitely a repeat destination!
We bought James' hide-a-way home on the Hillabee Outback  in the mountains near the  Talladega  National Forest.  He moved  back to New England (Newburyport, Mass) to be near old friends and start a new career as the American editor of an international Sports Medicine journal.  He expects to finish his doctorate in Sports Medicine this year.  Betty and I really enjoy just hanging out in the woods there.
Kym and family joined us in our Dolphin 35' RV this summer as we made our way through the Pennsylvania Dutch country and the Adirondacks to our camp in Vermont.   Vermont was great!  We hadn't been there for a few years so was good to swim in the river, bird-watch, cook on an open wood fire, drink our own clear, pure, cold spring water.  Ah, the simple life;  Terry didn't shave and Betty picked all the berries and grapes she wanted.. and took long walks in the woods with Blue, James' wonderful  dog who spent the summer with us.
We're back at home in Lake Worth, Florida for the winter.  It is very comfortable here and it's good to be back to the old South Florida routine.  Our yard has grown up since we left ... getting more and more like a jungle... yet the limes, bananas and oranges are still bearing.  After being in the hardwood forests all summer, watching the deep greens turn to glorious autumn colors, and finally wondering at the leafless skeletons  frozen in sleep for the winter.... it is good to see the perpetual green of the sub-tropics and to daily dine in our own grove.....
Shelly and family are well and live close by.  We have missed them, especially granddaughter Maeve.  They grow up much too soon.   Ron and family have moved back to the US after a number of  successful years in Europe.  They live on a ranch in Mt Vernon, Wash with grandchildren Alyse and Ryan.
It has been a wonderful 70th for Terry..  lots of adventure and best of all, the most togetherness we've had in our 43 years of family life.